CNT originated back in 1995, within the Civil Construction and Public Works market. As a result of the growing international market and domestic slowdown, CNT thrust itself onto new challenges. It began its internationalization in 2001, specializing in formworks.

Operating in various European countries such as Germany, Belgium, Spain, Gibraltar, and - since 2010 - Holland, CNT currently holds an enviable portfolio. This portfolio is filled with large-size works that demonstrate our knowledge and skills.

Having proven itself abroad, it reappeared nationally at the end of 2008. With a solid organizational structure, an expert and qualified technical staff and labour force, its own equipment, and financial capacity, it is able to embrace large-size projects, vitally important for our partners and clients.

Marking the difference in quality and safety, and meeting deadlines, we are prepared to promptly and efficiently respond to the sector's demands.


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